Shaolin Airbender.  All levels of practitioners are welcome- we are a research-based organization dedicated to preserving feudal Chinese Kungfu. The training group here is disciplined, scholarly, and easy going. In the quest for historically accurate Baguazhang of the founding fathers, detailed military science is required to pinpoint exact nuances and truths. One cannot fear the history of medieval Baguazhang masters if one is to represent the original artifact in modern times. First Generation Baguazhang is near extinction in today's kungfu culture. Its factual history has been neglected by commercialization and modern kungfu trends/ cinema.  Modern Baguazhang can run, but it cannot hide from its factual history. Preservation of historical artifact is only possible with detailed knowledge of ancient cultures.


Cheng Style Baguazhang is foundationally feudal Shaolin polearm of Qing Dynasty military police.  Sun Zhijun in the picture. The old masters have forgotten the original context of Cheng Ting Hua's methods- we are here to remind them.  Protect and Preserve, Resurrection.


Feudal Shaolin Dragon & Tiger Kungfu is fundamental to Yin Fu and Cheng Tinghua's original Baguazhang.  Even late into 1936, the Baguazhang of Qing military/ militia is labeled as "Chinese Boxing" Retainers of the Empress Dowager and Shaolin Seizing, Grasping techniques.  Zhejiang Shaolin Officer is in the picture.                                                                       Nobody was harmed in this demonstration of the Tigerclaw.  The Shaolin Police are the good guys. 


Shaolin Staff & Cudgel are foundational to Cheng Tinghua's Baguazhang framework, and notably the Single and Double Palm Change.  Shaolin military drilling methods are integrated with "Inner Palace" Penetrating Palm Routines.


The Orthodox Penetrating Palm methods in He Jinbao/ Xie Peiqi branch contain different transitions and footwork than the four-point system drilling style. Feudal Shaolin integrated with Anglo-French strategy is the foundation. The "Inner Palace" techniques are characteristic of General Managers and Eunuch Bodyguards of the Imperial Household Department in Qing era. The duties of the Inner Palace departments vary greatly from the Qing Special Forces and Intelligence Agency, the weapons and strategy will not be the same.  Lack of historical research, neglected by the change of time- prevents such simple observations and truths from various lineages around the globe, resulting in the misunderstanding of "real" Baguazhang in ancient cultures. We are here to preserve Baguazhang artifact backed by factual research and military science. The old Baguazhang masters today deserve great respect, and some have maintained historical artifact regardless of modernization. However they have forgotten the original context- we are here to support them. 


The legendary Shaolin Squadrons- Shaolin Warrior Monks at the fall of Qing Dynasty.  Shaolin Kungfu has a profound connection with the Qing Dynasty Security forces.                The Shaolin Squadrons of feudal China are chivalrous and valiant heroes, in the pursuit of honor and peace.