»FEUDAL SHAOLIN RESEARCH - Shaolin Kungfu before the 1928 Reforms in China are essentially military systems with great contrast to the modern impression. Ancient Kungfu Proverb:  All martial arts come from Shaolin«


Shaolin Airbender.  All levels of practitioners are welcome- we are a research-based organization dedicated to preserving feudal Chinese Kungfu. The training group here is disciplined, scholarly, and easy going. In the quest for historically accurate Baguazhang of the founding fathers, detailed military science is required to pinpoint exact nuances and truths. First Generation Baguazhang is near extinction in today's kungfu culture. Real Baguazhang should never be placed in a KUNGFU vs MMA context. Its factual history has been neglected by commercialization and modern kungfu sports trends/ cinema.  Modern Baguazhang can run, but it cannot hide from its factual history. Preservation of historical artifact is only possible with detailed knowledge of ancient cultures.

Quantum physics and scholars reveal the secrets of why this incredible "Real Kungfu" suddenly and completely vanished. Their search for the feudal Shaolin artifact uncovers a thrilling and dangerous adventure, and culminates in what may be the most significant discovery in modern kungfu history!!

IRFS- Iron Palm

Feudal Shaolin is renown for its devastating and scholarly- Baguazhang Dragon palms of IRON.  The system was modeled after the demeanor and fighting strategy of an attacking tiger. The striking movements are fast, agile, and powerful. Feudal Shaolin Dragon system consists of shocking, clawing, and grasping applications.

IRFS- Treebender MP

Dong Haichuan is renowned for Shaolin airbending prowess in Inner Mongolia- serving as Imperial tax collector for the Nine Gates Security Forces.  Tax collectors in the Qing era are military police or county magistrates, with kungfu tasks consisting of law enforcement, judge duties, militia training, and walking circles around trees!  Meditation and harmony are essential for discovering inner "stillness in motion" during patrol.


Cheng Style Baguazhang is foundationally feudal Shaolin polearm of Qing Dynasty military police.  Sun Zhijun in the picture. The old masters have forgotten the original context of Cheng Ting Hua's methods- we are here to remind them.  Protect and Preserve, Resurrection.

Imperial Renaissance Feudal Studies is dedicated to creating the highest caliber non-fiction content that informs and entertains enthusiasts about Shaolin Kungfu in all its wonder and amazement- before commercialization.  Real kungfu is compelling, providing insight across genres including, science and technology, exploration, adventure, and history... which is FUN!!

IRFS- KingKongPalm

"Shaolin Thirteen King Kong" methods descend from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The King Kong palms are plain, simple, practical, and integrated everywhere in Yin Style Baguazhang DRAGON SYSTEM. Feudal Shaolin methods not only strengthen tendon elasticity and cognitive performance- it boosts the morale of ancient soldier monks during Trench-fu.  Chinese scholars call that "Pressure Testing". 


Feudal Shaolin Dragon & Tiger Kungfu is fundamental to Yin Fu and Cheng Tinghua's original Baguazhang.  Even late into 1936, the Baguazhang of Qing military/ militia is labeled as "Chinese Boxing" Retainers of the Empress Dowager and Shaolin Seizing, Grasping techniques.  Zhejiang Shaolin Officer is in the picture.  Nobody was harmed in this demonstration of the Tigerclaw.  The Shaolin Police are the good guys. 

IRFS is among the world's only entertainment and Feudal Shaolin Academia that immerses enthusiasts in the full range of Raw and Factual Kungfu- with rich, enlightening content via multiple platforms and offers access to immersive, engaging, high-quality enrichment, truth, and History!!


Shaolin Staff & Cudgel are foundational to Cheng Tinghua's Baguazhang framework, and notably the Single and Double Palm Change.  Shaolin polearms are integrated with "Inner Palace" Penetrating Palm Routines and the Dragon System of Men Baozhen/ Xie Peiqi branch.  History is Fun!


Factual documentation/ research into feudal Baguazhang is scholarly, educational, entertaining, and light-hearted fun.  There is much mystery and wonder in "real" 1st Generation Internal Martial Arts.  The Shaolin Avatar is defending against multiple armed opponents- utilizing Airbending double palm strikes!  Good thing this is a cartoon or odds are not favorable for the Airbender champion. No Airbenders were injured in this demonstration.


Yin Fu and Cheng Ting Hua trained with Shaolin Pudao/ polearm as characterized by the Interlinking Body methods. The empty-hand routines appear graceful, dynamic, and smooth without the pudao context- with the feudal instrument in hand, however, it is a different beast.


The Pudao is respected by the Qing Imperial Guards, trained for close-in wrestling and strength development, meditation, and qigong practice- ideal for foot officer duty because of practical length and structure.  He Jinbao generally appears more smooth and silky with Dragon Interlinking Body/ empty-hand practice. However, while wielding the Pudao weapon- of TERRIFYING PROWESS!

Get ready for exhilarating expeditions to uncharted territories and to uncover the truth behind ancient legends, with Feudal Shaolin scholars.  Experience the mystery and long-lost Chinese Kungfu, before it was called Chinese Kungfu. The world of feudal academia is FUN... like history!!


The Orthodox Penetrating Palm methods in He Jinbao/ Xie Peiqi branch contain different transitions and footwork than the four-point system drilling style- with elements of Dragon-esque, iron bracelet type postures. Feudal Shaolin Luohanquan in the Beijing/ Tianjin area, integrated with Anglo-French/ Prussian strategy is the foundation. The "Inner Palace" techniques are characteristic of General Managers and Eunuch Bodyguards of the Imperial Household Department,  separate from the inner firearms battalions. The duties of certain Inner Palace departments vary greatly from the Pro-Military/ Intelligence divisions, the instruments and strategy will not be the same.  Lack of historical research, neglected by the change of time- prevents such simple observations and truths from various lineages around the globe, resulting in the misunderstanding of "real" Baguazhang in ancient cultures. We are here to preserve Baguazhang artifact backed by factual research and military science. The old Baguazhang masters today deserve great respect, and some have maintained historical artifact regardless of modernization. However they have forgotten the original context- we are here to support them. 


Feudal Shaolin Penetrating Palm application for mounted officers. The soldier floating in mid-air is wearing quality protective gear and Yin Fu's lance is a blunt trainer. Yin Fu is the Qing Imperial Guard Commander - Spear/ lance is the primary strategy for Penetrating Palm Routines, along with innovative cardio and strengthening exercises to fit every need!

Feudal Academia is dedicated to the exploration and preservation of the long-lost Chinese Kungfu, before commercialization.  Real Kungfu is electrifying with exhilarating insight and truth.  The Feudal Shaolin artifacts are a window into the past, revealing medieval power and shocking practicality.


The legendary Shaolin Squadrons- Shaolin Warrior Monks at the fall of Qing Dynasty.  Shaolin Kungfu has a profound connection with the Qing Dynasty Security forces. The monk sergeants are taking a small break from acrobatics and meditation cultivation for this photo opportunity. The Shaolin Squadrons of feudal China are chivalrous and valiant heroes, in the pursuit of honor and peace.  

IRFS Special Thanks to Smeagol

“And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand years, the ring passed out of all knowledge.” 
― Galadriel