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Imperial Renaissance Fighting Systems:

YinfutrigramRevive the internal focus in combative elements. Our organization’s approach is on historical accuracy and restoration of Baguazhang/Taijiquan before commercialization from the Cultural Revolution in China. The Late Qing Dynasty martial art has shifted dramatically in the modern world- Internal Martial Arts are now viewed as either a traditional sport or cultural exercise when historically the art utilized a deeper level of sophistication and practicality. Often times in the modern age, Kungfu is represented in context removed from it’s ancient history. All levels of practitioners interested in refined biomechanics and raw history is welcome. IRFS training methods are extracted from the Beijing Imperial Renaissance arts of Yin Style Baguazhang/ Cheng Baguazhang and Gongfu Jia Chen Tai Chi Chuan 

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 New Baguazhang Book: The Ultimate Chinese Martial Art by World Scientific