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ARG Programs (Associate Research Group): Unleash your true potential by embracing a strategic and personalized approach to martial arts. At IRFS ARG Programs, we believe in the power of biomechanical efficiency and its impact on fight performance. We offer a range of Feudal Internal Martial Arts programs that have been adapted for modern lifestyles, making them accessible to enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you're fascinated by raw martial arts academic research or drawn to the intricacies of geometric fight anatomy, our ARG Distance Program is designed for your success. Currently, we offer instruction for Yin Style Baguazhang, Beijing Gongfu Jia Taijiquan, and Wutan Bajiquan- with intensive online tech support and guidance in a convenient monthly format. 

*The ARG Monthly Program:

Tier One:  $150

  • Customized monthly lesson plan/ consultation
  • Eight private training uploads (3 min per Upload) for review by IRFS within a six month period [expires 6 months after purchase]
  • Receive direct guidance, additional resources, and text summary (including timecodes) via email
  • Benefit from extensive email tech support for any questions on the training material
  • Achieve foundational requirements for a research group in your area
  • Discounted rate for a private workshop in Austin, TX

Comprehensive Training Programs:

The Yin Style Baguazhang material is provided in the video format above. The Lion, Dragon, Phoenix, and Bear Martial Systems provide the core biomechanical framework/ empty-hand applications which will later be adapted/re-contexted for feudal perspective, modern urban strategy, or fight geometry as needed... not the qigong and medical material, unfortunately.
Beijing Gongfu Jia Taijiquan and Wutan Bajiquan materials are available for free in the public domain. Please send us an email if you are interested in the training material.
*Tier One Programs are recommended for prospective students to explore the various systems already available in the public domain or in video format. Tier One is beneficial for practitioners not yet familiar with feudal systems, characteristics/ regimes, and perhaps, are not solidified in their decision.

THE YSB BREAKDOWN: Yin Style Baguazhang historical routines are short sequences of strikes and body mechanics, preserved from imperial military drills. One LION SYSTEM form is demonstrated here utilizing Sweeping Strikes (one of eight strike categories/system) and Moving With The Force footwork strategy (one of seven total footwork patterns/system). The He Jinbao/ Xie Peiqi documented material contains a total of Fifty Six (56) short sequences like the one above for each system- which is extracted/ customized for each individual's martial requirements.  In feudal times, it is rare for an individual to remember every sequence- and not necessary. The system remains unparalleled for practicality in urban settings, revered as the “butch” style of Baguazhang. The beauty of this system resides within the complex internal biomechanics, less so in external aesthetics. Yin Style Baguazhang is an art of principle, its programming works similar to learning a new language. One becomes fluent over time and is fully capable of communication without memorizing every vocabulary or textbook example. Generally, for contemporary empty-hand self-defense in the 21st century, one to five Strike Categories (or 7 to 35 short sequences/system), are sufficient. A free consultation will determine the best route (Comprehensive Training) for beginners or enthusiasts.

THE BJQ BREAKDOWN: Wutan Bajiquan's historical routines are short and sweet, practical, and efficient. The ultra-compact system is essentially feudal Military Boxing of armored Chinese Knights or an ancient version of modern Sanda. In ancient times, Bajiquan is cross-trained with Beijing Chen Taijiquan and Yin Style Baguazhang. Liu Yunqiao is the most notable representative in the mid 2Oth century, revered for his fight psychology and professionalism. Liu served as the chief instructor of Taiwan 00 agents and often fought in modern British gentleman-style attire (refer to pic). The complete system consists of four linear sets (Xiao Baji/ Da Baji/ Linking/ Liu Da Kai). Bajiquan is renowned for segmented and continuous long to short-range bursts of power- brutal with collision, often with elbows, shoulders, and piercing fists.

The CTJQ Breakdown:   Beijing Gongfu Jia Taijiquan historical routines encompass the Xin Jia 83 System of Chen Fake/ Zhaokui and Cannonfist- the feudal biomechanics and martial strategy are well-preserved. This style of tai chi is regarded as the “battle tank” edition- often slow, boring to watch… yet unsurpassed with its high magnitude of impact forces. Gongfu Jia Chen Taijiquan consists of more complex and obvious internal spiraling, fierce short-range power release, transitions, and dynamic body skills. Beijing Chen utilizes the ancient deductive approach of martial movement, from a single movement to different techniques (refer to pic above). The online training material is from CHEN YU, the direct son of Chen Zhaokui. Chen Zhaokui is the son of Chen Fake- all martial lineages of Chen Taijiquan are from Chen Fake in Beijing. For Taijiquan enthusiasts who seek the original Taijiquan framework pre-dating the two waves of sports modifications since 1928, Gongfu Jia of Chen Yu is recommended.


IRFS Feudal Foundations Course (Four Modules)
Feudal Baguazhang utilized by Yin Fu in the medieval era - is sophisticated, practical, and concise.  The Linking system is advanced with core subtleties- practical for contemporary urban applications or ancient.  To note (19th century), officers in the Qing army were taught by Shaolin (and Bajiquan) instructor Wang Zi-Ping. Liu Jin Sheng, who authored “Shaolin Chin Na Fa, 1936” was a student of Wang. The book documents the no-nonsense martial strategies of Qing law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The photos depict methods nearly identical to Yin Style Baguazhang of the Xie Peiqi/ He Jinbao branch.  Feudal Foundations course is an excellent option for those that favor compact and effective systems in the fast-paced world of today.

Program Details for Yin Style Baguazhang Linking (Feudal Foundations Course):

*He Jinbao presents the full linking routine which extracts the essential framework from each of the eight animal systems (Lion, Unicorn, Dragon, Bear, Snake, Rooster, Phoenix, Monkey)

*IRFS presents the feudal context of applications and biomechanical strategy (we will monitor biomechanical progress/ provide tech support for those with research interests into the non-fictional world of feudal combat arts)

Program Details for Bajiquan Linking (Feudal Elements Course):

*Liu Yun Qiao presents the Bajiquan Linking Routine which contains essential elements of Xiao (small) Baji and Da (big) Baji sets.

*IRFS presents the feudal context of applications and structure (we will monitor structural progress/ provide tech support for those with interests in physical and instinctual laws of Bajiquan mechanics or history)

IRFS Feudal Elements Course (Four Modules) Bajiquan descends from the heavy armor era in Ming Dynasty, renowned for its simplicity, practicality, and fierce short-range elbows. In the mid-20th century, Bajiquan is often cross-trained with Yin Style Baguazhang.

*The First Modules are available for instant viewing in the links above, the remaining Three Modules are free with the Tier One Program $150 (refer to ARG Distance Guide below) 


STEP TWO:  Proceed to train with the customized monthly lesson plan [Please email: for a free consultation on training guidelines]

STEP THREE:  Utilize the ARG Distance Assessment and submit your private training video for the FIRST MODULE (unlisted Youtube upload/ Don't Be Shy, Your Training Archive Is CLASSIFIED). SEND UNLISTED YOUTUBE LINK DIRECT TO

STEP FOUR:  We will review your training and provide an email summary on pointers/ additional instructions, and feedback for Module One- THE STEPS REPEAT FOR THE REMAINING MODULES

Please Allow 24 Hours for email confirmation after receipt of your video link and payment and up to 72 hours for Guide Assessment Processing. We analyze your personal martial arts video to give you feedback on your skills in combination with the training/ research material provided. 

Youtube Unlisted Video Option & Upload Instructions:

  • »Title the file like this: last name-first name-category (which system, module, Taijiquan, Bajiquan, or Bagua)
  • »Check the "Unlisted" option (you’ll have a choice between public, unlisted, or private).
  • »Do NOT ever make the video public on youtube as the information contained is copyrighted.
  • »You may ask questions during each submitted video within the time frame provided including biomechanics or martial applications.

IRFS will confirm receipt of your video link by email. After we review your unlisted youtube upload, you will receive a text evaluation/ summary via email which may include time codes on problem areas, online cross-reference material, strategy, or further instructions). The pointers are precise and detailed, and supplemental material or links provided with text analysis are free of charge. It will serve as an invaluable resource to have a feudal historian monitor your progress. Distance monitoring by feudal academia is biomechanically advanced and research-driven. It Works Well.

*Repeat steps for layering corrections or submit training videos for the next section. Though rare, if you are not improving through the text evaluation of training video submission, a live personal training workshop or video conference is recommended- after which the Distance Monitoring will provide continued momentum in progress. Live training for true hands-on fight dynamics or nuanced biomechanics is invaluable– it is recommended once a year through private training workshops in Austin TX.