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Revive Original Yin Style Baguazhang (feudal Shaolin) and Gongfu Jia Chen Taijiquan (feudal Bajiquan) with the new Online Biomechanics/ Feudal Insight Training Program

Feudal Baguazhang used by Retainers of the Imperial Court (Qing Imperial Army, Intelligence Agency) and feudal Chen Taijiquan of the Ming Dynasty is now accessible in the comfort of your own home. The nuanced biomechanical and scholarly approach to resurrect the 1st Generation methods of Baguazhang and Tai Chi Chuan founding fathers, in modern Internal Martial Art culture. Join the movement in historical restoration of raw Chinese kungfu- it is extinct... This program works for those already familiar with the He Jinbao/ Xie Peiqi Animal Systems material and would like precision corrections or additional historical insight into the now perceived empty-hand routines. Feudal Insight can supplement any Chen Taijiquan material for those who wish to revive in their current practice- Ming and Qing strategy/ feudal context of Chen Tai Chi Chuan before the post- Yang Taiji/ Peking Opera fusion in the late Qing era. We can monitor proper biomechanics and historical body skill, the feudal context of application- if you need a spotter. Modern kungfu in the current interpretation is far removed from feudal dynasties.  Much work needs to be done for its preservation and accurate documentation. All practitioners of other Yin or Cheng Baguazhang lines (with 2nd Generation interpretation 0f history) who would like additional historical context to their current training material or biomechanical corrections- are welcome. SUPPORT THE FIGHT AGAINST PEKING OPERA-FU FALLACIES  Our organization’s mission is to preserve medieval Ming and Qing strategy/ feudal context of Internal Martial Arts in modern times. The cultural fitness reform in 1928 watered down even the most well-preserved fighting lineages- and many others are exceptionally far removed from the reality of ancient era. 

Online training is an excellent supplement for Live Training, however live training is optimized only with the proper biomechanical framework and factual documentation of feudal martial systems, all of which is in this program.

  • »Receive direct training from an elite instructor/ feudal historian
  • »Feudal Insight compliments standard He Jinbao/ Xie Peiqi Animal Systems material 
  • »Feudal Insight works in conjunction with standard Chen Tai Chi or Cheng Baguazhang material
  • »Raw historical perspective unparalleled in the modern world of Internal Martial Arts
  • »Experience nuanced historical understanding of Yin Style Baguazhang before it was labeled as "Baguazhang"
  • »Feudal knowledge restores commercial Chen Tai Chi or Cheng Baguazhang misconceptions back to base reality   
  • »Advanced skills integrated with learning curves of each individual
  • »Benefit from Distance Guidance for Empty Hand Biomechanics and Feudal Structure: (detailed text analysis for corrections in postures, routines, and applications- with additional material/ historical context of medieval unarmed/ armed research, strategy, & psychology) and flexibility in Live Training Workshops (Urban Strategy/Armed & Unarmed Application/ Historical &  Modern Weapons/ Feudal Body Skill/ Orthodox Penetrating Palms/ Yin/ Cheng Interlinking Routine Work)

IRFS Online Training Launch- Train Today

Step One: Receive your free consultation to discuss which martial system and approach suit your needs- preferred material, context.  For Yin Baguazhang, the Dragon is recommended as the core training system- Dragon is the crest of Imperial Guards and retains the Manchu close combat of the Qing Special forces, not limited to bayonet-fu. Xin Jia (New Frame) is foundational for Chen Taijiquan material as it contains both Qing and Ming dynasty methods. Gongfu Jia Chen Taijiquan (Chen Fake/ Chen Zhaokui) consists of more complex and obvious internal spiraling, fierce short range power release, transitions, and dynamic body skill. Chen Fake’s Taijiquan differs greatly from the modern Chen Village styles due to its BAJIQUAN integration standard in Qi Jiguang military treatise and armed escort strategy of the late Qing and Republic of China era. Feudal Bajiquan and Chen Taijiquan are feudal Shaolin- both systems descend from the same Ming Dynasty military treatise.   Email:

Step Two:  Alternative Online Training Material will be provided free of charge providing factual documentation of feudal military arts in its pure form 

Step Three: Decide if the material is of interest and proceed 

Step Four: Study the training material 

Step Five: Utilize the Distance Guide Assessment and submit your private training video (unlisted Youtube upload). 3 Minute or 5 Minute Upload- PayPal (G&S option, $19.99 for 3Min, $28.99 for 5 Min to:

Please Allow 24 Hours for email confirmation after receipt of your video link and payment and up to 72 hours for Guide Assessment Processing. We analyze your personal martial arts video to give you feedback on your skills in combination with the training/ research material provided. 

Youtube Unlisted Video Option & Upload Instructions:

  • »Title the file like this: last name-first name-Dragon Entering (which system, category, Taijiquan or Bagua)-3min/or 5min
  • »Check the "Unlisted" option (you’ll have a choice between public, unlisted, or private).
  • »Do NOT ever make the video public on youtube as the information contained is copyrighted.
  • »You may ask questions during each submitted video within the time frame provided including biomechanics or martial applications.

IRFS will confirm receipt of your video link by email. After we review your unlisted youtube upload, you will receive a text evaluation via email (up to 8 pointers for Three Minutes Upload/or 12 pointers for Five Minutes Uploadwhich may include time codes on problem areas, online cross-reference material, Imperial era weapons strategy, or further instructions). The pointers are precise and detailed, it will serve as an invaluable resource to have an instructor monitor your progress. 

Step Six:  Repeat steps for layering corrections or submit training video for the next section. Though rare, if you are not improving through the text evaluation of training video submission, a live personal training workshop is Austin TX is recommended- after which the Distance Guide will provide continued momentum in progress. Live training for true hands-on medieval combative/ biomechanics is essential to mastery- it is recommended once a year through private training workshops in Austin TX. However, Distance Guide Assessment training will benefit total understanding and accurate documentation of non-commercialized medieval fighting arts.

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