Alleviation Institute – Complex Rehabilitation For Veteran Warriors

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Complex Rehabilitation is transforming the way America’s injured veterans are empowered in our communities. For over two decades, Alleviation Institute has brought forth the most innovative assistive technology solutions to our nation’s finest, improving the lives of millions of warriors and their families.

“War-related spinal cord injuries (SCIs) are commonly more severe and complex than traumatic SCIs among civilians.” PubMed

The worst moments in life are the ones that limit our dreams and take away our freedom. For our nation’s warriors, the fight often endures long after the arena or battlefield. To truly understand and navigate through the challenges of the most intense musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions of combat veterans, it at times, takes one to know one. Alexander Reznikov, the founder of Alleviation Institute, is a former Airman in Airforce Special Reconnaissance, bringing a wide range of field experience into the rehabilitation engineering world. Alexander integrates Engstrom Concept developed by world-renowned Swedish Ergonomist and Author, Bengt Engstrom – into performance seating and adaptive customizations for soldiers across the globe.

Alexander with US Army Veteran, John Sabo
From his experience serving as the Assistive Technology Professional of the Veterans Affairs in Texas, Alexander learned firsthand that many veterans do not have the financial coverage to access the necessary extended state-of-the-art complex equipment. As a solution Alleviation Institute now offers concierge rehabilitation care,  rather than going through traditional health insurance. Veterans’ spinal injuries and neuromuscular degenerative conditions are a long and expensive road to recovery, often requiring premium-grade complex medical devices to support personal mobility. Complex mobility powerchairs and scooters require frequent maintenance and repairs, crucial services which are extensively restricted by traditional health insurance coverage. Alexander has an unwavering dedication to solving this national crisis faced by the disabled veterans he serves.
“Frequent repairs and breakdown can negatively impact a person’s life by decreasing community participation and threatening health and safety.” PubMed
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