Biomechanic Concepts for the Scholar: IRFS offers elite biomechanics and calisthenics programs for the scholar- for those with a modern holistic approach to authentic martial arts training, minus the combative elements. Feudal "internal" martial arts- develop distinct core muscle control, also known as the ancient Chinese

Lung Strength and Capacity – The Lion System

Practitioners of Yin Style in the past were not only fighters, but physicians with profound knowledge of complex human anatomy.  It has been stated long ago, that the Lion posture strengthens the lungs and respiratory response more so than the other systems. “Simple arm elevation

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King of the Snakes – General Qi Jiguang

Te fluid and adaptive strikes of the snake entwines and devastates an opponent’s defense. In contemporary times, the serpent strategy resides in Shaolin methods of Baguazhang, Bajiquan, and Taijiquan. Armored Shaolin monks in the Ming Era defended empires, using the Long Snake Formation in battle.

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Numerical Cognition and Perception – Circular Motion

“The present study was to deepen the relationship between the passive or active movements of our body in space and the numerical processing by studying a movement that has so far not been explored, that is, the circular motion (i.e., clockwise/counterclockwise movement). The circular motion

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