Imperial Renaissance Fighting Systems:

Transform Your Martial Arts Practice with IRFS - The Premier Organization for Feudal Martial Arts

Unlock your full potential with IRFS, the trusted source in raw historical martial systems. Our unique methodology combines the rich traditions of Northern Shaolin techniques descended from Qi Jiguang and Yu Dayou, providing a comprehensive approach to enhancing your fight performance and motion. Whether you practice Yin Style Baguazhang, Bajiquan, or Gongfu Jia Chen Taijiquan, our training emphasizes biomechanical advantage and optimal movement variability for combat and everyday life. Join us to experience the sophisticated and scientific body mechanics of ancient dynasties.

FEUDAL BAGUAZHANG: Discover the urban approach of Dong Haichuan's original teachings, seamlessly integrated with a holistic philosophy towards fighting. Our "internal" biomechanics harken back to the feudal era while emphasizing flexibility, strategy, and winning fights with minimal force. Yin/Cheng Baguazhang offers different psychological approaches and martial applications, tailored to individual professions. Yin Fu's system is renowned for its geometrically intelligent footwork patterns, enabling agile combat in all directions. Notably, the Yin Style Bagua methodologies are an integral part of modern combatives, stemming from William E. Fairbairn's "The Fairbairn Method." Feudal Chen Taijiquan (Beijing Gongfu Jia): Immerse yourself in this refined martial art, characterized by nuanced strategy, precise body mechanics, and multi-segmental movements at micro and macro levels. Harnessing the leverage of joints and bone structure, Feudal Chen Taijiquan enhances natural physics and incorporates ancient Tai Chi knight methodologies. Unlike the slower modern styles, our pre-1920s Chen Taijiquan features dynamic footwork, empowering you with agile and flowing power transitions. Bajiquan Experience the fierce boxing and practicality of Bajiquan. Founded by Liu Yun Qiao, a former secret agent, and instructor of Chiang Kai Shek's bodyguards. Bajiquan, originally known as Bazi Quan or "Palladium Fist," derives its name from the unique striking technique employed. The fists are held loosely and slightly open, delivering downward strikes in a rake-like fashion, which can be traced back to their origins in stickfighting techniques. Bajiquan shares ancestry with Beijing Chen Tai Chi Chuan, descending from the late Ming Era, Qi Jiguang treatise. 

About the Instructor & Organization:

At IRFS, our Founder, Kuan Wang, brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the world of martial arts. Drawing from combat disciplines of Shaolin styles, Kuan Wu has trained internationally under the mentorship of many prestigious individuals throughout the years and is an indoor disciple and private student of He Jinbao/ Chen Tai Chi including Chen Yu and Chen Qingzhou. With a family history rooted in military physicians and practitioners of Shaolin and Bajiquan, Kuan is privileged to have networked with prominent figures in the martial arts community, including Shaolin's 31st Generation monk, Shi De Shan, Ma Long, and Jet Li's coach, Li Junfeng. Imperial Renaissance Fighting Systems (IRFS), is a private and independent organization dedicated to biomechanical excellence in the Fairbairn/feudal systems of Baguazhang and Northern Shaolin.

Join IRFS today and embark on a journey of self-improvement, survival instincts, and refined physical function. Discover the power of ancient dynasties' sophisticated body mechanics with IRFS - your path to martial arts excellence.

Note: Imperial Renaissance Fighting Systems (IRFS) is not affiliated with the public workshop tour organization Yin Style Bagua Hand To Hand Combatives.

About Academic Research:

“The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.” -Albert Einstein  It can be disheartening to practice Internal Martial Arts in the modern era, envisioning purely fictional imagery of ancient masters during training sessions. (Please note that this perspective has been reformed by the Chinese Commission for Physical Culture and Sports.) Join us in supporting the preservation of feudal Internal Martial Arts as we cannot accomplish this endeavor alone. Your donations will contribute to future research, restoration efforts, promotional activities, and film projects.>>>   Paypal:   kuan@baguakungfu.com

About Classes & Rates: By Appointment Only

Class Packages:  

    • Solo private workshop, (120 min in Length): $120 – (individual training in Elite Biomechanics, Performance Science, Historical Routines, and Feudal Studies) – The course alternates between solo training and multi-level martial application work with a training partner here (Customized Martial Concepts, Empty-Hand Dynamics, Armed Strategy, Fight Psychology, Urban Self-Defense).
    • Outdoor private group workshop, customized programs & schedules *Seasonal only: $100 per hour for 1-4 people+$20 per hour for 5-9 people
    • Reserve your first private introductory workshop (120 min in length): $100

Limited availability: 

  • One Semester Live-Training (4 hours intensive private training per month for four months) $800 [expires 6 months after purchase]   Email: kuan@baguakungfu.com for more info.

          "Internal biomechanics are traditionally instructed on a one on one basis, or in small groups. This allows customization and isolation to the practitioner's learning curves. "