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About: Digital Tour routines are exclusive to the Imperial Renaissance Fighting System. IRFS Routines are organized by He Jinbao and Kuan Wang. The system is concise, quick to comprehend and retain – with the focus of advanced biomechanical structure to work effectively under stress, countering the methods used by opponents. The digital training tours are a supplement to in-person training workshops in Austin, Texas or the new Distance Guide Spotter Program. For individuals who have never trained with us before, the new Digital Tours are an excellent way to take an introductory journey through I.R.F.S. training methods, providing general insight on what to expect. Distance Spotter programs provide an opportunity for individuals who do not have an internal martial art instructor in their area, to have biomechanics, techniques, routines checked. We can spot you on alternative Yin/Cheng Bagua/Chen Taiji Material. The first two tours of this series focus on Hard Palm Routines in the tradition of Yin Fu (Men Baozhen/Xie Peiqi Branch) Baguazhang: the Core Palm and Core Methods Linking Forms ( Cheng Bagua Swimming Body Linking and Orthodox Penetrating Palms/weapons will be offered in future workshops/tours). The Yin Style of Bagua is an integrated part of “The Fairbairn Method” of William E. Fairbairn (the wartime system which integrates weapons with empty hand training, never in a one on one sports setting). The Baguazhang of this line is composed of eight animal systems, each a complete system within itself. There are eight attacking methods per animal, making a total of sixty-four attacking methods. All eight energy/characteristic strikes of each animal system are concealed within the transitions and postures of the combined Core Palm and Core Methods Linking Forms. The contained attacking methods interchange with the framework. Hidden energies extract from the routines on micro and macro levels, and integrate with the practitioner’s intent. Digital Tours provide a concise, generalized understanding of each of the Eight Animal systems, biomechanics, and basic application concepts in a more entertaining and less technical format than Digital Workshops.

View the two trailers (Hd settings 1080p – 4K Vintage Edit):

  • Yin Style Baguazhang- Core Palm Linking Form Tour One – Four sections (Total Running Time 32 minutes) $28
  • Yin Style Baguazhang – Core Methods Linking Form Tour Two- Four sections (Total Running Time 30 minutes) $28
  • Digital Workshops Semester Closed