Bajiquan Elbows and Limbs – The Essentials of Boxing Classics

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Qi Jiguang’s ‘The Best of Boxing Classics’ states: “Go in and fight with your elbows, and your elbows will protect your heart, cross your elbows, squeeze your shoulders, and seal your crotch. Close quarters will be difficult, and you will remain short and close… use your knees and elbows… it is difficult to prevent the elbow from hitting the Quartet; kicking long-distance and playing with interlinking hands,¬†leaning against the body with nowhere to go “.¬† Feudal kungfu commonly uses a deductive approach in striking- segmenting various short-range attacks from a single long-range structure. Qi Jiguang illustrates the importance of segmented attacks, using all joint parts of the body flexibly.