Xun Trigram – Phoenix System

The XunNewPhoenix trigram is symbolized by the "Wind". It's fighting technique is known as the "windmill" palm capable of flowing power continuously with great speed and accuracy. In training the Phoenix system, the body's movements will generate force similar to the wind wheel, turning and linking with no gaps in it's form or transitions. The system contains all of the wing strikes which birds use while defending or attacking in nature. The arm strikes will move independently of the body until the point of impact, for better velocity and snapping force. In the Phoenix system, force is emitted from the shoulders, and characterized by whipping and flowing movements. The Phoenix guard or core posture torques at the forearm for dissolving attacks, the fingers firm for piercing, the shoulders kept fluid for redirecting and power. The striking methods are: clearing, extending, chopping, shocking, transforming, removing, curling in, and cutting.




HJB 1 pheonix

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