Zhen Trigram – Dragon System

The Dragon System is known as the lifting and holding palm. The Zhen TrJDragonskigram represents Thunder, generating the most powerful, Shocking force, throughout. The characteristic guard posture of the Dragon is natural, dominant, with the principal of hand protects the elbow, elbow protects heart. The palms press and claw open, ready to pierce or grasp if necessary. The Dragon System's striking methods are: pushing, lifting, carrying, leading, moving, capturing, chopping, and entering. The Dragon's movements are confident, powerful, capable of subduing an opponent while controlling his center. The Dragon's power is constant and flowing, with force emitted through a forward motion of back and waist utilizing the spinal wave, springing from the legs.





Grey Frame 1 hjbdragon

GreyFrame 2 hjb dragon

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