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Enter the Circle:

Experience the biomechanical approach to Imperial Renaissance martial arts from the Forbidden City. Eight Animal/ Swimming Dragon Baguazhang/ Shaolin/ and Medieval Tai Chi Chuan to develop internal power, advanced strategy, and optimized martial function, utilizing physics and the principals of the circle.

 IRFS System:

The system includes training in Traditional Yin Style Baguazhang, Cheng Baguazhang, Feudal Shaolin, and Beijing Chen Tai Chi Chuan.  Baguazhang is based on teachings and philosophies that are thousands of years old, but refined in the mid-1800s by Dong Haichuan who passed the core systems to Yin Fu (Eight Animal) and Cheng Ting Hua (Swimming Dragon).  As the last internal art of the late Qing Dynasty Security forces, Baguazhang is one of the most profound, and sophisticated in martial approach.  The combative concepts and biomechanics are integrated into "The Fairbairn Method", wartime system of William E. Fairbairn. The comprehensive fighting system enhances centripetal and centrifugal power control and kinetics, in historical and modern methods for self-defense and cultivation. I.R.F.S. is a training system with roots from direct lineages branching from ancient Carriers of Baguazhang, Shaolin, and non-commercial Gongfu Jia Chen Taijiquan. It contains biomechanic framework development and bridging of the traditional systems to the contemporary world. Baguazhang and Taijiquan philosophy stems from the eight trigrams and Yin/Yang theory of the I Ching in modern culture, integrating concepts for the individual’s body kinetics. IRFS is an internal martial art, meaning nuanced internal physics is emphasized/ methods practiced strengthen an individual's organs through intent/fascia control and internal muscle groups, distinct from external training systems. The adaptive martial structures in both empty hand and historical weapons training, restructure one's body to merge with the laws of physics of martial understanding which has evolved from the ancient to modern world.

About the Instructor:

Kuan Wang is the Founder of YSBHMA/Imperial Renaissance Fighting System and is an indoor disciple, and private student of He Jinbao. Kuan Wang has also studied intensively in Beijing and abroad, under the guidance of prestigious instructors for Cheng Baguazhang, Shaolin, and Chen Tai Chi Chuan. Kuan has spent numerous years dedicating his life to preserving and researching the ancient training methods of medieval martial arts.

About Private Course Rates:

"Historically Baguazhang and Internal Martial Arts are taught on a one on one basis. This allows customization and isolation to practitioner's learning curves."

-Private Courses (Individual training in Martial Framework/Routines, Internal Concepts, and Biomechanics) – You will have a training partner for Martial Applications. or bring a friend with the split rate program. (Historical/Modern empty hand/weapons combative concepts, Self-Defense applications are taught only with a partner.)

Basic Monthly Programs:

One Session (one hour) per Month: $60
Two Sessions (one hour each) per Month: $120
Three Sessions (one hour each) per Month: $150 

Split Rate and Semester Programs Available/By Appointment Only

Intermediate and Advanced Technician Programs:

One Session (2 Hours in Length/ limited availability), email: for more info.

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